Well my Spring edition was so helpful to my client's I decided to make a Fall post as well! This contains the same tips but just different Fall examples.

Even if I do not get asked this question directly, I know that people are questioning what to wear leading up to their photoshoot! I want this to be a simple but informative post that will help anyone to confidently plan their outfits. Use these tips to create a blend of outfits that coordinate, fit your style, and make your photos ones you will love!

If you get hung up, reach out to me for help!

Top Tips:

Start with one person's outfit

Often times we have a "look" in mind. It might be your favorite dress, or the cutest romper for your little girl. Start with that favorite item and then coordinate the other outfits around it.

Coordinate, do not match

When photos have all matching colors there is no distinction between each individual. Choose a simple color pallet and have everyone wear items that each pull in one or some of those colors.

Solids and patterns

Solids are an easy way to ensure that outfits do not clash and become too busy. When choosing patterns use large patterns and limit the number of people in patterned items. Choose different clothing textures to add variety!

Match the setting

Colors and style of clothing need to match the style of the location. When doing a natural setting photoshoot it is best to stick with natural colors such as earth tones, muted jewels, or neutral shades. Also stay away from being too casual or too formalin clothing choices.

What I love: This family chose a earth tone color pallet to coordinate all members. When photos involve more than 5 members it is best to coordinate color schemes rather than matching exact colors.

What I love: Each member has a different pattern and texture but colors coordinate. I love that mom is wear a thick sweater to bring in a texture.

What I love: These colors are perfect for vibrant Fall photos. Mustard yellow and a deep red photograph very well and mom did a great job pulling all the colors together.

What I love: Do not feel like Fall photos must have the typical Fall colors. Sometimes simple colors like black and jean look just as great and let the Fall colors around be the highlight.

What I love: Mom chose a perfect dress that she loved and felt great in and then put the rest of her family in simple, complimenting clothes.

What I love: Large families are hard to coordinate without trying to be matchy matchy. This family did a great job by choosing clothes that had red, green and black but it does not have to be the same shade to look good together.

What I love: Perfect, neutral Fall outfits will never look bad!

What I love: Mom to be new that the Fall reds were in their peak time and wore a stunning red dress to match. Stunning!!