Cheer Team Portraits Tips:

  1. Practice your hair style and bow placement before photo time.
  2. Don't worry about cuts, scraps, and blemishes on the face. I can EASILY edit. Adding coverup and makeup makes the editing harder.
  3. Keep makeup neutral. Eyeliner, mascara, light blush and lipstick looks best.
  4. Use lipstick that is SMUDGE PROOF.
  5. Try on uniform and check for if undergarments show. If a uniform is too big-where a tank that is the SAME COLOR as the uniform that will show under the arms.
  6. Watch for deodorant marks on the uniform after it is put on. Remove with wet rag.
  7. Remove all jewelry besides stud earrings.
  8. Don't worry about perfect posing....I got you!