I have decided that 1st birthdays are not just a celebration for the baby but for the parents too! One year of dirty diapers and late nights survived. A year full of exciting firsts, full of giggles and full of tears. Sometimes it feels like the days are so slow, but before long, this same small baby will be all grown up. So smash your cake little man and enjoy your celebration!

Tips for preparing for a smash cake session:

  1. Make or order a cake with "fluffy" icing, not stiff.
  2. Set out cake hours before session to make icing soft and room temperature.
  3. Choose white or non staining icing.
  4. Bring a change of clothes.
  5. Bring wipes and trash sack.
  6. Keep props such as hats, bow ties, necklaces... at a minimum- only choose a few.
  7. Think of extra decor- balloons, sign, banner or something else that goes with your theme.
  8. Patience- it may take a little bit on time, but we will get the shots!