Chances are if you are reading this blog then it is getting close to graduation time so...CONGRATULATIONS!! Senior photos are an exciting and important activity. These photos will likely be seen and cherished by many. Senior photos are used in yearbooks, graduation announcements, given as gifts, and hung on your parents wall.... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! In order for the your session to be enjoyable, memorable and stress-free, I have written down tips that I believe will help you be prepared and confident.

There are many styles or themes for Senior Sessions and the location is what determines that theme. There are a variety of location options to choose from depending on the vision you have. When you think of your photos do you like the look of a golden hayfield? Colorful flower garden? Brick and metal downtown scape? Once the style is chosen then specific areas can be decided. There are many great locations that I can guide you to and are popular spots, but we want people to know that any location will have great photo opportunities. The best locations are those that are personal or unique to you. It may be your family's land, or your favorite hangout spot, or somewhere you’ve never been but are wanting to check it out. These will be special to you, and you will end up loving them even more.

Downtown Tulsa

This part is all about you and your style! It is important to match your location with you clothes in terms of the type of clothing. Choose at least 2 outfits- come prepared in your first look and we will change into the second. I recommend having one outfit that is your "normal" casual style and one that is more special and makes you feel extra done up! For me, one of the biggest pieces of advice I give seniors is for them to feel comfortable and to dress like themselves and then let me do the rest.

When you book your session with me you will get a full welcome guide filled with tips on how to prepare and pick amazing outfits for your day!

Is there a hobby or talent you have that we can showcase? Senior Photos do not always have to be dressy headshots, but can feature you in your element. Bring a prop along that can illustrate your hobby, personality or even future plans. Some examples of this would be instruments, an item from your future college, a letterman jacket, prop from a sport or club you are involved in...there are lots of options! If you have an idea that you are unsure about just ask!